API Introduction

This reference section lays out how to extract unstructured data using our AI products. A Sypht AI product is essentially an intelligent model that extracts a collection of fields from a document. We have a whole range of different AI products that meet different business needs. To learn more about our AI products you can contact us here.

Before getting started, you'll need to signup for a Sypht account. By signing up you'll gain free trial subscriptions to a handful of our AI products out of the box and you'll be granted API credentials that will enable you to generate a bearerToken to access the Sypht API.

Not a Developer?

You can use our app to start Sypht-ing! No coding required. Check out app.sypht.com.

AI Products

For a complete list of the AI products offered, visit app.sypht.com/marketplace. You'll gain a free trial subscription upon signing up.

How to get started Syphting with our API

In as little as three steps, you can start Sypht-ing.

Response Codes


In the responses, Sypht returns these HTTP status codes for successful requests:


200 OK

The request succeeeded



400 Bad Request

Validation errors

A descriptive message will be returned to explain the specific error encountered.

401 Unauthorized

Invalid credentials

Credentials entered are incorrect.

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