Upload Annotation

This experimental endpoint allows you to feed data back to Sypht for training and evaluation purposes, which can potentially help us improve our model accuracy.

These annotations are not automatically included in our evaluation and training data sets. Sypht periodically reviews the uploaded annotations and may use their documents and data during our model training and evaluation processes.

This experimental endpoint only accepts text type field annotations (issuer.name, invoice.documentDate, invoice.issuerName, invoice.total, and so on.). Linetiems (i.e. tables), Classification (such as invoice.currencyCode, etc) and Entity Matching fields are not supported.

External Annotation Format

    "origin": "external",
    "fields": [
        "id": "issuer.name",
        "type": "simple",
        "data": {
          "value": "John Smith"
      // ... etc for additional fields

Attribute definitions:

"origin" is the annotation source (use "external" for uploading API annotations)

"fields" is an array of field annotation data to be submitted for each document

"id" is the field ID which the annotation is being submitted for

"type" is the annotation data type used for external annotations submitted via API (use "simple" for uploading API annotations)

"data" attribute contains the annotation value for each field

"value" attribute expects the exact label value in a string format for each field

"docId" document identifier for the annotation's document.

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