We use an Oauth2 authentication flow. Users can create a client_id and client_secret upon signing up with Sypht. Use these to generate your reusable bearer token, which must be included in the Authorization header of each request. You can store and reuse these tokens for up to an hour.

To get a token you need to POST to the tokenUrl with the client_id and grant_type in the request body and colon separated, base64 encoded client_id and client_secret in a basic Authorization header. For example Basic {Base64(client_id:client_secret)}

Security Scheme TypeOAuth2

clientCredentials OAuth Flow

Token URL:

  • fileupload:all -

    Provides access to Fileupload Service

  • result:all -

    Provides access to Result Service

  • validate:annotation -

    Upload annotation data for your documents for training purposes.

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